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IPI Wood Export FAQ


Can you come to our facility and put HT Stamps on our packaging?
  • No, the HT Stamp is restricted to use on crates, pallets or other items we manufacture only.

  • The law requires the HT Stamps remain in our possession, in our building only.

  • We, by default, certify and stamp every wood packaging product we manufacture.

  • However, if for some reason something we manufactured should be delivered without a HT Stamp, we will need to pick up the piece and bring it back to be inspected for alterations, stamped and returned to you.


Can I get my non-complying wood packaging fumigated so I can use it?
  • Technically, yes. However, we do not fumigate.

  • Fumigation is not RoHS compliant.

  • Fumigation is usually only intended to be used as a temporary measure (like certification paperwork) for countries new to the program to use packaging manufactured prior to the countries joining into the IPPC's export wood HT program.


Can you give me a written certification that the wood packaging meets the HT Export requirements?
  • Yes technically we could, however, it is not required because the IPPC and ISPM-15 adhere to The Paperwork Reduction Act so it is neither expected nor wanted.

  • Therefore, if you include that written certification with your shipment documents it will likely be viewed by customs as a red flag and may in fact cause your shipment to be held up for further inspection.

  • The use of certification documents is reserved solely for countries new to the program to use for a short time until they can get the packaging stamping program up and running.

  • We can however provide extra documentation for certain countries such as China which may require special documentation in addition to the IPPC requirements.


Can you build crates without lumber?
  • Technically yes, however, crates built solely out of plywood or OSB (which are exempt from the IPPC program) are higher in labor and materials costs and are extremely unstable because there is no panel product which can safely be edge nailed, screwed or fastened to. (according to the APA )

  • Any other material substituted for lumber such as Recycled Plastic Lumber (Trex), Structural Composite Lumber (SCL), etc., are generally either costly, are not rated for structural use, or are unstable and difficult to use fasteners such as nails, staples or screws in.

  • Cases, such as Pelican Cases are strong, durable and exempt and are a good substitute for lighter weight shipments, however, they do have limited sizes. 


Can you put an HT Stamp on pieces of wood you sell me?
  • No, the HT Stamp is restricted to use on crates, pallets or other items we manufacture only.

  • We can place "Dunnage" stamps on wood we sell for use as dunnage.


How can I be sure our freight will not be held up at the border?
  • There is no way to guarantee freight will not be held for a period of time at a border, however, if the wood packaging has a stamp for a company in good standing with the program, there is little to no chance of the wood packaging being the cause of its retention.

  • Every company who is certified to place a HT Stamp on packaging has a unique number assigned to their company and it appears on the stamp.

  • Although, there is no published list of companies which place stamps on questionable or non-conforming packaging there is one.

  • The IPI Group, LLC has had historically no rejections or detainments for any non-conformance, red flags or questionable materials worldwide since the program started.


I hear references to the IPPC and ISPM-15, what are they and are they the same?
  • Yes, they are basically the same.

  • The IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) was the original UN agency which placed limitations on wood products entering into member nations. The limitations were set in place to prevent insects from entering over boarders which could infect forests the insects are not native to. 69 FR 55719 - Importation of Wood Packaging Material - 09/16/2004


I need to ship my product to another country and then ship it on to another country or back to the USA in the same packaging, can thais be done?
  • Yes, there is a very simple solution to this type of shipment or any other export shipment using any used export wood packaging.

  • Please call The IPI Group, LLC if you would like to discuss these type of shipments and what will and will not work.


What is the difference between the HT Stamp and the Dunnage Stamp?
  • The HT Stamp is restricted for use on crates, pallets or other items we manufacture only.

  • The "Dunnage" stamps on pieces of wood used mainly for blocking and bracing.

  • Dunnage includes separate pieces or parts of crates which are not physically attached to the crate such as blocking and bracing and "separate" ramps.

  • Crate tops, removable walls or attached blocking are not considered "Dunnage".

  • No piece of lumber or piece of a crate or pallet visible on the outside of the packaging should ever be stamped as "Dunnage" unless it is obviously not physically attached to the packaging in any way.


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