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IPI Shrink Packaging Service


IPI offers Shrink Packaging Sertvice for your company's large industrial equipment.  IPI uses minimum 7 mil shrink material and can suppliy and shrink wrapping up to 12 mil thick.  Flame retardant and corrosion inhibiting materials are available as well.

From the largest jobs to the smallest we can do it!

Shrink wrap can be used for protecting buildings, or large equipment, anything that you need protected from the elements.


Shrink wrapping provides protection from UV light, wind, dirt, and conceals your items from the public. 

Odd shaped items are no problem.

Odd shaped large items are able to be shrink wrapped for protection against the elements or for storage.


Corrosion inhibiting shrink wrap and dessiccant is available for long term storage and bare metal items although we recomend vaccuum packed barrier bagging for these types of items in long term storage or ocean shipments.

Large items can be shrink wrapped on site.

We can shrink lage equipment that won't fit on a truck on site at your company's facility.  The shrink equipment uses heat guns opperated via propane so if that is an issue inside your facility it can be done outside as well.


Smaller equipment that can fit into a freight truck can be dropped off at our facility or can be picked up and shunk via our truck.

Boats and recreation equipment can be brought to us for shinking.

Boats on trailers and other recreation equipment can be brought to IPI to be shrunk right on the trailer.  


All boats and receation equipment must be winterized prior to bringing them to be stretch wrapped.

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