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IPI Foam Fabrication

IPI Foam Fabrication
Die cutting
  • 150 ton 60"x 40"x 8" single stroke capacity

  • 120"x 60"x 8" incremented cut capacity

  • Flexible foam, corrugated & solid fiberboard, plastics, masonite, specialty materials

  • 120"x 84"x 50" vertical polyurethane foam cutting capacity up to 3.0 lb. density

  • 120"x 48"x 13" vertical polyethylene foam cutting capacity up to 9.0 lb. density

  • Foam-to-foam, foam-to-fiberboard, foam-to-wood and any other combination of materials

  • Heat lamination of foam-to-foam Polyethylene with 100% adhesion

Complete packaging turnkey solutions


IPI designs and manufactures complete production packs in house to provide your company with high quality packaging with record turn around time.  IPI can, in most cases, design and produce hand cut sample parts in as little as 24 hours.  Our standard lead time for production run packaging is 3-5 business days.


Hand cut foam-4_edited_edited.jpg
Large hard to pack (Type 1) items are our specialty


IPI is specially adept at protective packaging of large, oddly shaped items (Type 1 load).  Items in this classification include robots, lasers, electronics, glass shapes, antennas, sculptures, antiques, live-head test equipment, calibrated equipment, etc.

Specialty die cutting and designs


With IPI's 8" straight stroke 150 ton die press, IPI can make straighter cuts in thicker foams to keep cupping to a minimum without the need for layering thinner foam sheets.


We can pluck-cut-and-replace the inner cavities to provide several cavity depths.

Custom Pelican™ Cases


If you have extremely fragile equipment or something that just needs extra protection, we can customize your Pelican™ Case in-house to fit your needs.  The picture above is a custom foam-filled Pelican Case for the US Army used to haul tablets and battery backups.  It needed a detachable cord with outlets for in-case charging on the go.  

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