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IPI Testimonials and Comments




I wanted to confirm that the system has arrived safely back at our facility.  The packing job was excellent, thanks for helping out with this project and working through all of the issues.  If we ever need packing and  crating in your area I’ll give you a call.




Account Director


The entire IPI Group team are a joy to work with. They are responsive and always looking out for the best solutions for their customers. We feel so lucky to have been connected to them by our friends from the World Trade Center Denver. The IPI Group is not only a great vendor, but a true extension of our team. 


Nikki Maloney

KOTA Longboards

The group at IPI know their stuff! We have some very specific packing requirements and they have been able to meet our customer's requirements and keep the costs down. Everyone that we work with at IPI puts a high value on customer service and providing top quality products!


Beth Paulison

Desert Glass Works

Dear Heather, Carrie, & Staff,

I am writing to let you know that the packaging on the four portraits was superb!  Along with the photo album boxes, everything arrived in excellent condition.  The paintintgs were beautifully cared for by you and this meant so much to me personally.


Nancye Culbreath

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