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IPI Packaging Services 

Production Design Service
custom packaging design packaging

IPI Group LLC either can take measurments at your facility or use engineering drawings to design your production packaging.  


Our Designs Incorporate:

  • Ultimate protection; Our packs and crates are designed to float equipment and resist impact in even the harshest enviroments.  We float machines and equipment on the handling equipment as well as on the road.

  • Ease of use; We design computer rack crates to load and unload in minutes without tools.

  • Manufacturing simplicity; We strive to keep it simple to avoid manufacturing mistakes and equipment fitment issues.

  • Material conservancy: We do not to waste large amounts of expensive materials.

Custom Export Packaging
custom export packaging

Our packing and crating service will help get even the most difficult items to their desination safely.


Our Crating Services Include:

  • Every unit is weighed, calculated and inspected for optimum foam cushioning and floating bases.

  • In cases where the machine is on casters we can include a Door/Ramp & Cam-Lock Fasteners which allows unloading of the machine in minutes without tools exactly like our production crates.

  • Your difficult to pack and expensive items profesionally crated to arrive anywhere in the world in exactly the same shape as they left.​Free pick-up of your equipment for orders over $100.00.​Crated machines, equipment, etc. can be shipped via your freight contractor from our dock. (Please inquire for details)

  • We can provide weight and dimensions of finished pack. 



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