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IPI Total Packaging Solutions

IPI Group LLC, with our in-house wood crate and pallet shop, corrugated box manufacturing, and foam fabrication are equipped like no one else in the industry to provide your company with packaging for just about any shipping need you may have.  We have quick turnaround without needing to wait for outside suppliers for components needed and we have total control over quality.


When you need a supplier that is there when you need them and don't want to sacrifice quality, IPI Group LLC is your go-to choice!

Export Wood Crating and Design


We specialize in custom wood protective packaging  for large Hi-Tech equipment and machines. Most of our designs require no tools to pack or unpack by your customers and usually take less than 15 minutes with one or two people.  Few companies spend the time to design crates  with your customers in mind who will be unpacking your equipment at its destination like The IPI Group does.

IPI Custom Corrugated Boxes


IPI specializes in large, hard to pack items such as robotics, lasers, glass, etc. and can make boxes up to (and beyond) 18' if needed.  IPI can fabricate in-house closure straps, carry straps and even custom corrugated plastic boxes.  The IPI Group, LLC thinks outside the box to build you whatever your product requires.

IPI Fabricates Flexible Foams


IPI is also a Foam Fabricator of Flexible Foams.  In-house fabrication includes die cutting, laminating, heat laminating and sawing straight from the bun.  We can die cut foam up to a 40" x  60"  footprint with 150 tons of pressure as well as die cut specailty materials such as plastics and even masonite.

IPI is a Military Contractor/Subcontrator 


IPI Has been certified for over 40 years in Military Packaging.  We can build crates, fabricate foam, make barrier bags, print Mil-STD-129 Labels, and make WR corrugated boxes all in -house. We have specifications dating back to the 50's and have capabilities of designing SPI ready packs.

IPI Distributes a Full Line of Shipping Supplies


IPI distributes: Bubble wrap, stock boxes, packaging tape, stretch wrap, packing list envelopes, cushioned & padded mailers, biodegradable & standard loosefill (peanuts), tape guns, steel & plasic strapping & tools, etc. 

IPI Custom Fabrication Services


The IPI Group has custom fabrication services for all your special reqiurments.  With IPI's multi-faceted talents we can do many projects others wouldn't even attempt.


  • Sporting goods fabrication

  • Industrial sewn straps and handles

  • Model building and fabrication

  • Trade show booth construction and packaging


Call us to see if we can help with you specialty needs!

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